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Spencer Pullin

Health is easier than you think! If you’ve decided to make some positive changes for the sake of your health but you’re confused by the conflicting information out there, you need to read Naturalogy. In a book that makes perfect sense, Spencer Pullin guides you towards creating better habits in your life that feel obvious, and he provides plenty of ‘aha’ moments to make healthy living the easy and most logical choice.

  • Stop being confused about what foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’
  • Stop the pressure to look like an underwear model
  • Stop buying ‘health products’
  • Stop beating yourself up
  • Start to eat the natural diet for a human
  • Start to gain health
  • Start to feel you’re in control
  • Start to enjoy living the seven natural pillars of health … and reap the rewards.

So get confident about what you naturally need to live a healthier life. After reading Naturalogy, you’ll know that being healthy is simple, natural and inevitable as long as you’re willing to take steps along amore logical path.

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