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Jason Gould

What does health mean to you? Do you dream of being pain-free? Are you sick and tired of being tired? Would you like to live a vibrant and healthy life with abundant energy? Do you want to reduce the crippling stress levels that are a day to day norm and could be holding you back?

Dr Jason Gould (Doctor of Chiropractic) uses the principles of his 5 to Thrive Health® System with patients every day, helping them on their journey to achieve a pain and stress-free lifestyle and to enjoy the life they deserve. Wherever you are on your journey, THRIVE can give you the tools you do the same. Drawing on over 15 years’ experience as a chiropractor and health & wellness mentor, Jason explains how the 5 Dimensions of Stress affect our physical and mental health on a daily basis and more importantly, how implementing the actionable steps in the 5 to Thrive Health® System can empower you to reduce the stress on your mind and body and begin to THRIVE.

Cost: £10.00 plus postage & packaging (UK only)

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