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The Health Illusion


Sarah Farrant

When you buy into health being about 'FEElings' there is a 'fee' that comes with it; a price you pay. The fee is not only the price for the plethora of medications you end up on; it's your life. The way you approach health now is more than likely the same way it was taught to you followed diligently, without question because that is the way it has always been done. By chasing the pain-free, symptom-free and disease-free approach to health you shall by the very virtue of your actions diminish your health. If everyone is defining health and solving it in one particular way with results that are subpar, isn't it time to ask: what if I did something different?

Dr Sarah Farrant went from being the class dunce and dyslexic to becoming a doctor. She overcame adversity in her life to uncover a hidden truth about health which, if you're not looking for you won't 'see'. Dr Sarah has been helping people change their health since 1990. Her ground-breaking approach is empowering parents to break the health illusion and choose safe health options for them self and their child. It's time to empower yourself!

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