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Get Off Your Iceberg


Debbie Townsend D.C.

Get Off Your Iceberg explores how we can positively navigate our way through life and all it throws at us. Take the journey and make changes that will ultimately save your life.

Using the iceberg as a metaphor for life, the book explores stress and demonstrates how you can step off your own iceberg and change your environment for the better. The pandemic of chronic illness that is affecting us is man-made. We are the most unhealthy species on earth. Once we recognise this and change it, we will see it is 100% reversible. Using the information in this book, you can start to create a bridge from where you are health-wise, to where you want to be.

With simple yet effective guidelines to live by, taking a complete lifestyle approach to your well being will deliver great results. Young or old, in good health or struggling with a diagnosed illness, this book is for you.

Cost: £10.00 plus postage & packaging (UK only)

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