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3 Ways to Improve Your Nutrition – World Health Day

On Tuesday 7th April, World Health Day the United Chiropractic Association is promoting 3 simple ways to improve your nutrition. Whilst the emphasis of World Health Day is Food Safety Ed Groenhart, a member of the United Chiropractic Association and chiropractor at Cambridgeshire Family Chiropractic Centre in Linton, suggests: “Whilst we all want to ensure that the foods we eat and drink are improving our health, not damaging it, we need to be aware that there are simple ways to ensure this” Ed has come up with three simple rules to supply our bodies with more goodness, and decrease the effects of a poor diet:

1. Keep It Simple: Water instead of squash, ground coffee instead of the instant “coffee” substitute, are all ways to drink better. Food that comes from raw ingredients and not chemicals is another starting point. When out shopping, plan your menu in advance: Make a list and stick to it. Buy lots of fresh produce - lean meats and fish, if you are unable to buy fresh fruit and vegetables choose frozen over canned as they retain more of their nutrients.

2. The risk of exposing your body to harmful chemicals increases with every processed food that you eat. Start by adding homemade smoothies, blends and juices to your diet before removing processed foods. Once you're used to eating and enjoying the good new additions in your diet, you'll be better placed to start the process of removing the bad things. When you're ready to start removing processed food from your diet, do it one food (or drink) item at a time, and slowly get into the habit of not eating those things.

3. Many of us skip breakfast and replace it with some sort of chemical stimulant like caffeine, nicotine or chewing gum. If you can't stomach the thought of breakfast try and at least have something light and nutritious like a piece of fruit. By all means leave it until later in the morning, maybe instead of that extra coffee run at 10 o’clock.

Chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and receive training in basic sciences and nutrition during their university studies. Chiropractors advise their patients on lifestyle changes in order to optimise their health and to help prevent a loss of quality of life. To find your local UCA chiropractor or