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The Attractice Practice Model for Chiropractors (Paperback)


Mark Postles

Unlock the secret to a thriving chiropractic practice with Dr. Mark Postles' transformative guide, "The Attractive Practice Model for Chiropractors." This book is a beacon for chiropractors seeking to create a sustainable, philosophically congruent practice that magnetically draws ideal practice members. Dr. Postles introduces the concept of "the Attractive Practice", a practice so appealing that clients not only pay and stay but refer others for a lifetime. He expertly navigates the reader through the intricacies of the human brain, utilising the in8model to demonstrate how to cultivate a practice that resonates with clients on a deep, meaningful level.

Discover the power of nurturing relationships, delivering with style, and constantly reinventing oneself. Learn how to transform your practice into a vitalistic practice, a place where everyone thrives and practice members rave about the care they receive. Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Postles and unlock the potential of your practice. Your path to a flourishing chiropractic practice starts here.

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