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CA Series

Episode 2 with Wendy O'Brien

Wendy O’Brien is the founder of Northern Star Mentoring and STARS Methodology. As a coach, business consultant and international speaker, she is passionate about transforming healthcare and helping health care professionals connect with their patients and clients. 

With  over 20 years’ experience in managing all aspects of practice management, Wendy has worked with many businesses enabling them to grow their bottom line and has empowered numerous teams to ultimately deliver the impact and results they desire. 

Wendy has worked with well-established clinics to transform existing processes as well as being involved in the planning and implementation of new clinics.  She has extensive experience across a number of disciplines including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage and Nutritional settings; which makes her perfectly placed in her field of expertise.

Episode 3 with Claire Turner

Having been wooed by her other half’s profile on Plenty of Fish (“I’m a chiropractor and I crack myself up”), Claire found herself moving from her Corporate background into the Chiropractic lifestyle. Starting as the Membership Secretary at the UCA, she then assisted Danny opening Crawley Chiropractic Centre.

As their team grew, Claire realised that no amount of “How To” courses or trainings seemed to be able to make their Front Desk feel comfortable with the sales and money side of the business…including herself! As an EFT Coach, she quickly realised that without addressing the subconscious beliefs that were actively sabotaging the selling of pre payment plans, advanced bookings and enrolling new clients – every “How To” course would be a waste of money.

Since then she’s worked with a number of chiropractors and their teams to decrease stress around selling and money by removing the subconscious blocks that create a limiting emotional response. Enabling Chiropractic teams to feel more confident and more at ease – leading to higher conversion rates and more income – which turn enables more people to be served.

And who doesn’t love that?!