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What is Chirobuddy?

ChiroBuddy is an initiative providing support and guidance to students. It is designed to offer the following benefits: 

• Give students the opportunity to visit various Chiropractors in their practice and observe them.

• Provide invaluable experience, help and inspiration outside of college

• Build relationships with future colleagues and possible associates

• Connection to the principles of Chiropractic during a heavy, theoretical science-based education


“Visiting many UCA Chiropractors gave me a better understanding of practicing in a subluxation-based, wellness practice and gave me the confidence to practice like this when I graduated”

“It’s all about finding out how you want to work and then finding someone who does it that way and almost emulating them.”

“When we leave University, we really have all the gear but no idea! Confidence is key! Visiting and observing others in practice helps to view a variety of techniques and will enable you to figure out what is congruent with you. I found Activator this way and have never looked back.”

“I visited many practices and met Neil Folker who mentored me. It is not that we are in regular touch, but if I ever came unstuck, I know I could count on him (and the UCA naturally) for advice and support. Without this relationship, it would have taken me much longer to find myself in the world of chiropractic”


We asked a few questions to a selection of chiropractors to give you some insight and bring you their knowledge on stepping into the chiropractic world after you graduate. You can see those videos below.