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When Should You See a Chiropractor?

Seeking chiropractic care a great tool in helping your body heal itself. The adjustments and lifestyle advice you get from a chiropractor contribute to not just your physical wellbeing but also to your mental and emotional states. Some of the main reasons people see chiropractors are chronic back and neck pain, which is not surprising given that a survey revealed that the number of Brits experiencing neck or back pain weekly grew from 40% to 49% between 2013 and 2018.

Through chiropractic care, trained professionals use a hands-on approach to adjust and manipulate specific areas of the body to support the body’s ability to heal itself. Although spinal adjustments are often associated with chiropractic, the treatment isn’t limited to just this one aspect, and chiropractors can provide a range of health advice, from nutrition and stretches to general lifestyle advice that will help you on your wellness journey.

Contrary to the popular belief that you only need to see a chiropractor when you’re suffering from back or neck pain, there are plenty of other benefits you can get from chiropractic care. So, if you’re asking the question: “when do I need to see a chiropractor?”, we’ve provided a rundown of some reasons to prompt booking an appointment with your local UCA chiropractor.

If You’re Experiencing Back or Neck Pain

First, let’s tackle the obvious. As mentioned earlier, neck or back pain are common reasons why people visit chiropractors. Whether it’s general, acute or chronic back and neck pain, a professional chiropractor will help you address the issue. Chiropractors start by examining their patients and performing a range of tests to determine each person’s particular conditions. This process is also crucial to helping the professional understand your lifestyle habits. Back or neck pain occurs as a result of varying factors so it’s always important to provide all the necessary details to the chiropractor attending to you. Whether it’s as a result of your work activities or your sitting habits, chiropractic care can help you improve your mobility and resolve or manage the pain (depending on the intensity).

If You’re Worried About Your Posture

Posture problems are another reason why you might want to see a chiropractor. Poor posture can arise as a result of sitting for too long while being hunched over. It can also be tied to factors like constantly wearing heels, carrying heavy loads or even your emotional state and wellbeing!

 The spine is truly our backbone and we must prioritise its health and care. Apart from adjustments, a chiropractor can also provide professional lifestyle advice to help you build and maintain healthy habits. Over time, these will support the alignment of your spine and help you feel healthier and happier.

If You’re Experiencing Joint or Muscle Pain

If you experience joint and muscle aches or pains, you should consider seeking chiropractic care. Examples of these pains include hip pain, knee pain, muscle spasms and cramps. Oftentimes, when people experience pain, the first reaction is to seek a pain relief tablet or medicine. This might address the symptoms by offering temporary relief, however, it will not target the cause of the problem.

Chiropractic digs deeper than temporarily curing the symptoms and addresses the cause of your problem can help you reduce your dependence on short-term pain relievers.

If You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is another reason why people see chiropractors. During pregnancy, patients often report a benefit from the care in many ways, including an increase in wellbeing and relaxation. Common complaints of pregnant women include pains in various parts of their body like their neck and back. Rather than constantly relying on chemical-filled medications, many people address this by seeking chiropractic care. Many chiropractors specialise in pregnancy care and are knowledgeable in the field of helping women alleviate pains during their pregnancy.

They can provide care to relieve your aches, provide advice on preventing further chronic pains and help you improve your body movement. They also advise you on certain lifestyle changes that will support the bodily changes that occur during various stages of your pregnancy. Chiropractic care is a safe, chemical-free method to ensure a smooth pregnancy period. The care also helps to ensure the healthy state of the baby due to the mother’s health practices.

If You Experience Tension Headaches and Migraines

Did you know that misalignment can lead to headaches and migraines? If you’re dealing with constant occurrences of these ailments, then you could benefit from chiropractic care. These conditions lead to feeling tightness in your head and they can affect various aspects of your life. Other possible causes of tension headaches include stress and dehydration. Chiropractic care can help relieve such discomforts and prevent future episodes. A chiropractor will most likely give recommendations, depending on your specific condition, to help you maintain a healthy, pain-free state.

If You Want Preventive Care

Chiropractic care is not only beneficial when you have chronic pains or complaints. Many people visit their chiropractors as a form of preventive care. What this means is that you don’t have to wait till you’re in pain before you see a chiropractor - as the saying goes: “prevention is better than cure”.

So, don’t wait until you’re experiencing life-changing pains before seeking chiropractic care. Through adjustments, mobility practices and possible nutritional guidelines, a chiropractor will assist you in working towards living your best life. Even if you find yourself constantly feeling stressed and unable to relax, seeing a chiropractor can be significantly beneficial to your wellbeing.

What Next?

Once you’ve identified with one or more areas mentioned above, you should begin to consider seeing a chiropractor. Many people report experiencing immediate relief from specific symptoms or just generally feel better after an adjustment. However, the goal of chiropractic is to provide long term and sustainable health benefits.

If you are looking for a local chiropractor you can trust, then take a look at our “find a chiropractor page” which includes all the contact detail you need.