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7 Reasons Every Chiropractor Needs a Mentor

One of the most important ingredients for success in any area of life is learning from people with experience. From the moment we’re born, we have people we look up to in order to avoid certain mistakes. This instinct stays with us as we journey through life and is crucial in every industry, but especially chiropractic. 

Have you ever gone through a training programme only to graduate and realise that the world outside is much more expansive than the four corners of the classroom? It’s easy to think you’re done with learning after being a student. However, this fixed mindset is what leads many people to become stuck in their practice and their personal development. 

As a new chiropractor, it’s important to understand that learning is a continuous process. Chiropractors are hands-on practitioners that need to prioritise constant learning to continuously serve their patients in the best way possible. As a fresh chiropractic graduate, there are many challenges that can be tough to face alone.

This is why one of the best decisions any chiropractor can make is to find a mentor. The right mentor will guide you, provide advice and help you build the skills you need to be successful. Many people across various practices have shared their experiences with mentors. Mentorship programmes help to provide direction. It also saves people from making costly mistakes. Whether you’re feeling stuck in your practice, disconnected or just need some advice, it’s important to seek guidance and mentorship.  

Points to Consider When Looking for a Mentor

Below are some points to consider while on your journey to finding a mentor: 

Understand Your Professional Goals and Desires

Before diving into the process of seeking a mentor, a crucial step is to understand what your professional goals are. This will further guide the direction of the mentorship; thereby aiding effective communication between you and your mentor. As a chiropractor, consider what you want to get out of your practice. Also, reflect on the category of clients you’d like to work with, your ideal work environment and any other detail that’ll help you measure results. When you clearly state your goals, it makes it easier for your mentor to guide and assist you.

Results Require Commitment

It’s important to understand that a successful mentor-mentee relationship starts from being intentional and committed. As a chiropractor looking for a mentor, you need to be ready to invest some time and energy into the relationship. This entails carrying out whatever routine tasks are set, asking questions and being dedicated to the practice.

Know the Values You’re Looking for

An important ingredient to a successful and beneficial mentor-mentee relationship is having shared values. This means that you must know what your values are. When you and a mentor share basic principles and values, it helps you build a stronger and healthier relationship. Shared values also aid communication, understanding and shared respect.

The ChiroBuddy Initiative

We know that navigating the chiropractic landscape as a new graduate can be somewhat daunting. Which is exactly why the United Chiropractic Association created the ChiroBuddy initiative. Our aim is to provide guidance and support to chiropractic students. Navigating a profession alone can lead to several twists and turns that can be avoided. Through the correct guidance and mentorship, students can avoid costly mistakes by visiting and learning from more experienced chiropractors.

Importance of New Chiropractors Having a Mentor

There are several reasons why new chiropractors should have a mentor. Below, we’ve highlighted the importance:

Helps to Boost Confidence in Practice

Oftentimes when students graduate and begin the process of building a career, they get worried about their place in the world. Apart from pointing out areas of improvement, mentors also provide support in forms of encouragement and guidance. Your mentor’s guidance will allow you to build confidence, take on new opportunities and establish yourself in the industry.

Prevents Costly Mistakes

Entering a practice or career can sometimes be tough and overwhelming. As a result, it’s easy to make a lot of mistakes. So, what if you could avoid certain mistakes to create a smoother experience? When you get a mentor as a new chiropractor, it provides you with the opportunity of learning from someone’s past mistakes. Through this process, your mentor will guide you in a direction that will prevent you from making avoidable mistakes.

Exposure to a Wealth of Knowledge and Information

Having a mentor means having an experienced practitioner share information, knowledge and advice with you. Through their years of practice and experience, mentors can serve as trusted advisers who share useful information to help guide you to success.

Benefits Having a Mentor Can Provide

Apart from the intrinsic motivation that having a mentor provides, there are also external benefits you can measure. Below are some additional benefits you can enjoy through mentorship:

Access to Visit Experienced Practitioners in their Practice

One of the most beneficial experiences from having a chiropractic mentor is getting access to see them practice. Visitations arm you with a better understanding of the practice. It also gives you the opportunity to study how experienced chiropractors work with their patients.

Establish Connections with Possible Associates

Apart from the rapport you establish with your mentor, you also get access to your mentor’s network. This is just another reason it’s important to build a strong connection with your mentor. Your mentor can introduce you to many important people in the field who can help you advance your career over time.

Improved Career Satisfaction

Since you’ll start your mentor-mentee relationship by setting goals, the support and results will leave you feeling satisfied. By incorporating the advice, lessons and techniques your mentor provides, you’re sure to experience overall satisfaction.

Access to Recruitment Opportunities

The combination of the knowledge you gain from mentorship and access to a large network of professionals gives room for doors to open. As a new chiropractor looking for opportunities, this will significantly benefit you. Ultimately, having a mentor will arm you with the knowledge, skills, confidence and connections to make you a successful chiropractor.


If you’re a student trying to find your foot in the chiropractic field, one of the most important decisions you can make is finding a mentor. You can register for free as a student with UCA and get access to the ChiroBuddy initiative. One of the most important decisions in your chiropractic career begins with a simple click.