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5 Ways to Stay Mindful at Home

With everything happening in the world, it can be hard to find respite in your day.  Mindfulness is a practice that can help keep us grounded and calm, nourishing our mental health without extra cost. It’s all about paying attention to the present moment, and noticing what is happening – your immediate thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body.

While it might sound simple, our brains naturally love to wander. Instead of thoughts or feelings pushing us around, dictating behaviour or distracting us, this technique helps manage difficult moments and better appreciate good times. It takes acceptance and self-compassion to practice mindfulness, as well as experimenting with what works for you. Here are 5 ways to practice mindfulness from home:

  1. Set the scene

Our environment impacts the way we think. Even making your bed in the morning can be a great way to create a more harmonious space. Tidy up after you use an area of your home, keep workspaces clear, and let in plenty of light and fresh air where possible. A tidy home can really help clear your mind!

  1. Find a rhythm that works for you

A routine to our day is a great way to help support the natural rhythms of our body and mind. This means creating habits that support your wellbeing – like waking up at regular times, having a healthy breakfast each morning, and setting aside time in which to be totally still. Find even a few minutes in which you are not looking at a screen. Get into a comfortable position. Take a minute to notice how you are feeling, what thoughts you are having, without judgment. Even for 2 minutes a day, this can help create the habit of mindfulness.

  1. Get your body moving

Mindfulness doesn’t necessarily mean adopting lotus position to meditate your anxieties away! It can also mean finding ways to move your body that are gentle, mood-boosting and offer a break from the everyday rush. Whether it’s yoga, some simple stretches, a walk or jog, pick an activity you enjoy best. Notice how your body feels as you move. Use this opportunity to tune in and really listen to what the body is telling you. Anxiety or stress can manifest as tightness, tiredness, or other feelings that you may not realise are impacting you physically. 

  1. Do a quick grounding exercise

Find a quiet moment in which to notice 5 things you can see. Now, take note of 4 things you touch or feel in contact with your body (like clothes, air, heat or cool, etc). Now, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste. This simple grounding exercise can be done anywhere, whenever suits you best.

  1. Take time to connect

Whether it’s with someone you love, or just with yourself, connection is a reboot for the soul. Switch off from devices and spend time listening to a podcast, reading a book, or watching TV or movies. Take a bath, cook a healthy meal, keep a journal, or simply list things you are grateful for. You might also get on the phone and check in with others. Either way, prioritise time to actively reconnect with yourself and those you value.

Starting with these simple techniques, you are on your way to a more mindful everyday life. Good luck!