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Chiropractic Brochures

Chiropractic Trifold BrochureChiropractic Trifold Brochure

Chiropractic Trifold Brochure – This brochure is perfect for providing answers to those commonly asked questions:

Topics Include:

  • What is Chiropractic
  • What to Expect on your first visit
  • What is an Adjustment
  • Is Chiropractic Safe
  • Honouring Health Goals

Cost: £20.00 (Pack of 50) plus postage & packaging (UK only)


Chiropractic BrochureChiropractic 8 Page Leaflet

This 8 page leaflet is perfect if you are attending a trade show or a workplace presentation. It has some excellent information on how Chiropractic can affect the health of the nation.

Topics Include:

  • Benefits of Chiropractic
  • How Chiropractic can save the Government money
  • Utilisation of Chiropractic and the NHS
  • Cost effectiveness of Chiropractic
  • Sport and Exercise

Cost: £10.00 (Pack of 25) plus postage & packaging (UK only)