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Growth Series

2023 Events

The United Chiropractic Association is proud to offer a third season of our Growth Series as part of our UCA member benefits. The Growth Series is a live monthly webinar covering a range of topics to serve you in practice.

Episode 1: Tone Over Bone with Patrick McMahon

Wednesday 26th April, 8 - 9pm live via Zoom

Patrick is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic and currently practices in Barcelona. A self-professed chiropractic nerd, Patrick is a consummate student of anything chiropractic. Equally fascinated by science, philosophy and art, Patrick has a gift for synthesizing differing world views.

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Episode 2: Footwear or Foot Strength? What MAtters Most with Ben Le Vesconte

Wednesday 31st May, 8 - 9pm live via Zoom

Meet Ben, Vivobarefoot’s Head Barefoot Movement Coach. As a personal trainer who specialises in skilful movement, Ben brings over a decade’s experience training and working alongside health professionals to help thousands of people reconnect with their feet and embrace natural movement.

Ben has spent his career analysing efficient running technique, evaluating balance and posture, improving functional foot health and delivering highly personalised training plans. He is a leading expert in the practical application of barefoot science.

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Wednesday 28th June, 8 - 9pm live via Zoom

After graduating from AECC 18 years ago, Mary set up a practice on the Isle of Man. As a reforming CPD junkie, and an ICF-accredited coach, Mary has been mentoring DCs for over 10 years; she particularly enjoys guiding DCs to explore their boundaries and flourish to their own values, not others perceived expectations and bringing the holistic paradigm to the public.

Following a GCC complaint in 2020, she has assisted chiropractors in being compliant in notekeeping and understanding what the GCC expects of its members. By understanding that the likelihood is that it is just a matter of time before you receive a complaint, she will help you minimise the risk and be prepared. Physically and mentally. Without practising in fear.

Even if you are a great chiropractor, the likelihood is you will still receive a complaint. Mary is passionate about protecting the chiropractic name by providing clinical note audits and helping with TOC exams.

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Wednesday 27th September, 8 - 9pm live via Zoom

Dr Marie-Christine Dix graduated as a Chiropractor in 2008 from AECC. She is the owner of Align Health Agency, a multidisciplinary practice in Jersey Channel Islands that specialises in 360-degree health care and educating patients on the 4 pillars of health. It was through Marie-Christine's own personal health journey that she discovered the benefits of Functional Medicine, which her to study with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) and The Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine.

Since launching her Functional Medicine practice, Health Alchemy Ltd in 2021, Marie-Christine has run a number of online health programmes focusing on her special interest in microbiome health. With so much information in the health sphere, it can often feel overwhelming to know where to start and how to support yourself or your clients for the best. In a world where too many of us are time-poor and information-saturated, let Marie-Christine guide you in this Growth Series seminar on her proven strategies for supporting your "whole health" through the 5R approach to gut healing.

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