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Alliance of UK Chiropractors


To create a vitalistic Chiropractic model of health and well-being for families in the UK by providing the distinct elements offered by Chiropractic as a healthcare profession predicated upon its philosophy, science and art. This model will positively impact on the healthcare of our nation.

Statement of Purpose

The AUKC is an affiliation of the professional organisations dedicated to the protection, unity and strengthening of the Chiropractic profession in the UK. Emphasis is on education and political action to uphold and protect the rights of Chiropractors to serve their patients using an evidence-based patient centred approach. The AUKC fully supports that Chiropractic is a separate, distinct healing profession that emphasises the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself, without the use of drugs or surgery, with particular focus on the subluxation.

The Alliance will present a unified position that will have greater impact in dealing with current and emerging issues within the profession.

Further information about how you can support or become a member of the Alliance can be found in the members area of the UCA website or call Head Office 01752 658785.